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TCYO Rainout Number:
(513) 353-1900
Adult Softball Rules:

  • Grace Period of 10 minutes for first game only. (Early/Late in season, the umpire may go 1 pitch at his discretion)

  • No Free Fouls.

  • All batters will begin with 1 ball, 1 strike

  • 10 Run rule after 5 innings; 15 Run rule after 4 innings.

  • Teams may bat as many players as they wish.

  • Coin flip will be held to establish Home Team

  • Home Team will be the official scorer.

  • Early Game Only – No inning will start after 7:15 p.m.

  • Teams may pick up no more than 4 players within the league.  Penalty for breaking this rule will result in a forfeit if protested

  • Protest Fees: $50.00 **must be paid immediately before the next pitch is made

  • This is an adult league, players must be 18 years of age.

  • Player/Fan/Coach misconduct will not be tolerated.  Ejection will result in two-game suspension for that individual.

  • Over-the-Fence Home Run Limits on Fields #3 and #5 are set at three (3).  After three, any home run hit over the fence will
    be considered an out.

  • If your team must cancel a scheduled game, this must be done one (1) week prior to schedule game or it will be considered
    a forfeit.  Any team that finds it necessary to cancel a scheduled game less than 24 hours prior will be required to pay the
    umpire fee.

  • Banned Bats will not be allowed.  If a player is caught using a banned bat, the player will be called out and ejected from the
    game.  If the same team is caught a second time during the season, the game will be forfeited.

Men’s League  
($50 Discount available)

DIVISION I; only 2 “A” players allowed
DIVISION II; only 1 “A” player allowed
DIVISION III; NO “A” player(s) allowed

Women’s League
($50 Discount available)

One League; no restrictions

  • Starts in April

  • Rainout Number: (513) 353-1900

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Adult Softball
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