TAYLOR CREEK YOUTH ORGANIZATION is a non-profit sports organization for kids of all ages who want to play Baseball, Softball & Soccer.
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Hotfire Memorial
Consolation Cup
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TCYO Hotfire Memorial
Soccer Tournament

TCYO Hotfire Memorial
Soccer Tournament
For all TCYO members.

2nd Tuesday of EVERY month @ 8:00pm
(Meetings will start @ 7:00pm during the
months of November-March)

If you or your child play or has played a
sport at TCYO, you are a member!

Please join us and voice your opinions
and suggestions about the club.
Updated: 04/29/2020

Greetings families!

We hope you all are staying healthy and safe! We know these continue to be challenging times for
many reasons. Your kids (and likely you) are still at home, the warm fuzzy of being home wore off
weeks ago, and each day feels like the movie Groundhog Day on repeat. Families - I need you to
know that we will get through this! Your children will play sports again and you will be able to enjoy
watching them play! Hang in there.


I know a lot of you are wondering about updates on spring sports, so I want to share what we
know at this point. We are starting to see some good news that the country's social distancing
efforts are working, and the country looks like it will be opened up soon. That is a good sign!
Unfortunately SAY Northwest, SAY North and the GCPSL have decided to cancel the spring
soccer season. We are still planning for other spring sports to commence at a later date (lollipop
soccer, T-ball, baseball and softball), however, our member’s safety is our biggest concern and
any decisions will be made with that in mind. For now, we are still waiting to see how this will play
out, which is just as difficult for us as it is for you.

A few things to add:

1. If a sport is not able to operate safely this season, all costs will be deferred to pay for fall

2. If your child will not be playing in the fall, we would like to plead with you to donate all or any
portion of your fees paid to help cover our overhead and material costs we have accrued
with zero $ coming in. Please understand TCYO is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.
All materials, labor and maintenance fees come directly out of registration fees and
concessions. Please consider this as the “Social Distancing Order” was implemented the
day we were getting ready to start practices and materials/labor were already spent in
preparation for the season. All donations are tax deductible.

3. Refund checks will be sent for any cancelled sports if the above items are not possible, upon
written request. Refunds will not be issued for credit card or online service fees. Requests
must include: 1.) Each child’s name, sport, and birthdate 2.) A copy of your registration
receipt and 3.) An empty pre-addressed stamped envelope. These items can be sent to the
address below and will expedite a refund as well as ease the workload of our volunteers
sorting everything out. Our volunteers all hold normal jobs and have families so we are
dealing with the same hardships and stress as our membership.

Taylor Creek Youth Organization
P.O Box 7
Miamitown, Oh 45041