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Field Status: Baseball/Softball: OPEN

Soccer: OPEN

How Can You Help 2023 Campaign for Improvement

Taylor Creek Youth Organization Fund Raising Campaign and Sponsorship Program 

Taylor Creek Youth Organization takes pride in providing recreational and select youth sports programs designed to provide training, healthy competition, and enjoyment for youths ages 3 to 18. We thrive to develop programs to create interest between children and their parents in sports, their club and the community. We want everyone to always remember everything we do is for the pleasure and enjoyment of the kids! Our funding comes from the concessions area as a primary revenue stream throughout the season and allows us to cover expenses in the offseason.  


Our mission and goal is to maintain the very best experience for all the teams that use our facilities and in doing so TCYO like many organizations has plans to improve the grounds for our student/athletes while keeping participation costs at a reasonable expense for our families.  We are fortunate to have local partners who have donated over the years and would like to extend to more where we can. In doing so, we are asking businesses to become a sponsor of TCYO with a donation program. In return, we will offer a banner along the backside of the Little Fenway Park green wall or a location that is based on where the donation is extended inside the TCYO grounds. To name a few: 

  • Remodeling of the pavilion 
  • Remodeling of Bathrooms
  • Outfield Fence and Dugouts on Field 5 (In process) 
  • Lower Field Irrigation Pump needs replacement 
  • Replace the playground area (Safety as a priority) 
  • Lighting in parking lot behind Fenway  
  • Expansion of Garage 2024 (needed) 


General Donations <$1000.00 are welcomed 

Bronze Sponsorship of $1000.00 for two years (renewable) Sign around Concessions Area

Silver Sponsorship of $2500.00 for two years (renewable) Sign on back of Fenway

Gold Sponsorship of $5000.00  for three years (renewable) inside Fenway Park

Diamond Sponsorship $10,000.00 for four years Inside Fenway Park Wall and inside concessions

Platinum Sponsorship of $15,000.00 or more can be discussed for back of Fenway Scoreboard 


Options include adding signage on our New Field 5 along on the outfield fence and all donations include social media recognition from TCYO.


Please include the following: 


Contact Name: _____________   Company Name/Organization: __________________________


Contact Number: ____________ Donation Fee: _________________________________________



If you would like to donate to TCYO, please submit your donation and use our 5013c status for tax purposes.


Please email this form to and make the check made payable to Taylor Creek Youth Organization.  If you would like to discuss options in further detail please contact me and I can share as much details as needed. 


Thanks for supporting Taylor Creek Youth Organization.

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